Assembling Furniture- I love it!

Assembling Furniture- I love it!

Assembling furniture can often be a source of frustration and annoyance for many. But I love it! Its like a big scale puzzle, Lego or Tetris for me.
Some of the stock i receive is failed delivery items. Some boxes get damaged between deliveries and i always check every piece. Repacking can take some time and i took a decision to only sell assembled furniture. Its a win win for you and me- i have my mini medication while assembling and you can view item and collect it same day. 
Before you by brand new please think about whats included in assembling process.

Some furniture assembly instructions can be overly complex, require specialised tools and a certain level of technical skill. If you are not familiar with DIY or don't have required tools it can be a long and painful process. 

Furniture assembly can be time-consuming, especially for larger pieces. You may feel that you don't have the patience or time for assembly process.

Lack of Expertise
Some furniture pieces are heavy, and the assembly process involves lifting, bending, and maneuvering awkwardly shaped parts. This can be tiring and even challenging for some individuals.


Missing or Damaged Parts
Discovering missing or damaged parts in a box can lead to further delays and frustration. It often requires contacting customer service and waiting for replacements.

Language and Visual Instructions
Assembly instructions might be poorly translated or rely on visuals, making it difficult to understand the process.


Limited Space and Tools
Not everyone has a dedicated workspace or the necessary tools to comfortably assemble furniture. This can make the process even more difficult.

Conflict and Stress
Assembling furniture can sometimes (always?) lead to arguments between family members. Just recently I read an article about furniture assembly stress — a universal phenomenon that, according to a report, transcends countries. HouseHoldQuotes determined that Icelanders tweeted most (64%) about IKEA and indicated furniture assembly stress.


Expectation vs. Reality
People might have high expectations that the assembly process will be quick and easy, only to be met with a more challenging reality. Also the actual item may appear differently than its online image.

Extra Spending
If you decide its too complicated, you don't have tools or time be prepared to spend extra. On average flat pack furniture assembling can cost between £20 and £60 per hour. Price depends on your location and type of furniture- always ask for fixed price before starting. 
I trust this information was useful and hope I helped to be prepared. If assembling is not your thing and you don't want spend extra for the service- check Exdi Furniture stock. All assembled and ready for collection same day. If you are too far way- message me to get a courier quote.

See you soon!
Simona xx


Becky Barnicoat  illustration

Peter Cade / Stone via Getty Images

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