Exdi Furniture is specialising in premium quality and stylish ex display furniture. Discover the brands you know and love at prices discounted by 50-70% of the original price, and furnish your space while making sustainable choices. My mission is to provide eco-conscious customers with a wide selection of modern and traditional style furniture to complement your interior.
Saving money while saving the planet? Yes, please!
Making sustainable choices has never been easier. You know I shout about it and want to make you aware that sometimes being more sustainable doesn't require you to change your lifestyle or spend extra money. It's the opposite – you save your money, then you buy ex-display furniture.
There are some key points in Exdi Furniture sustainability journey: 
  • Packaging materials like cardboard boxes, polystyrene foam boards and foam wrap are freely available for local businesses and public Nottingham. Its perfect for small or large parcels or if moving houses.
  • Damaged or incomplete furniture is available free of charge for your  upcycling projects- from small fixings like bolts, drawer runners, to table tops, legs or MDF boards that are perfect for various DIY projects. Love hearing your stories how this also helps your mental well-being by keeping you busy!
  • I have created a page "DIY" on my website where you can reserve or purchase items at affordable prices. This platform allows you to access the specific items they you and helps me to minimise the waste
  • Exdi Furniture showroom is open by appointment only, this not only gives you personalised shopping experience but also aligns with my commitment to sustainability. By limiting my electricity usage to the times when customers are present, I significantly reduce my business' carbon footprint. 
  • Furniture delivery is available across UK (but not limited!) and I use local courier service to help my community businesses if possible. For further away deliveries I use Shiply platform to get the best possible service and lowest prices. Shiply is utilising spare capacity of vehicles running on the road, and helps reduce the number of otherwise wasteful journeys needed to transport the item. Drivers offer lower courier collection and delivery rates to add items to existing journeys.
I believe that even small steps like these in my ongoing sustainability journey contributes to a more sustainable future for my business and the planet.
I believe that even small steps like these in my ongoing sustainability journey contributes to a more sustainable future for my business and the planet
My latest achievement is being nominated for Pride of Gedling Award in Environmental Hero category. This is amazing to be celebrated by local community and in the category that I am so passionate about. This award celebrates any individual, group, school, club, organisation or business in the borough that have made a positive impact on either; conservation, the environment or community spaces. I am so proud!