Exdi Furniture- my values

Exdi Furniture- my values


This time, I wanted to share some bits that are most often left behind the scenes. But I believe it's very important to share this!

Brand values are beliefs that a company stands for—from how it sources its products to how items are delivered to customers. It also reflect what's important to the customers. For example, you might choose hairdresser because they have a reputation for excellent customer service. In this blog post, I am excited to share Exdi Furniture's core values and my personal beliefs.


This is number one. Its time we all take some responsibility for our future . I understand that making sustainable choices is not always easy- it can involve extra spending or changing your lifestyle. However, by buying ex display furniture its never been easier to be more sustainable.

Saving your money
We all have been there- dreaming of premium quality solid wood sideboard but not able to afford it. Spending hours online and adding it to your shopping basket but abanding it later. Creating countless Pinterest boards of our dream first home. It is painful feeling realising that it is out of our pocket and later compromising on one of the flat pack items. This is why my mission is to keep the prices as low as possible. At Exdi Furniture you will find the brands you know and love while saving 50-70% of original price.

Some of ex display furniture unfortunately arrive with some imperfections. After a good clean, checking every corner and taking photos I always add full description of any damage. Some of the marks are difficult to take photos of (like glossy surfaces or white / black furniture) and I always advice and welcome viewings. Viewing appointments available 7 days a week within flexible hours- early morning, after school run, later evening after work or weekend if you prefer.

Its all about understanding your needs and delivering value through my services. Do you need same day delivery? Saving money? Need advice on choosing best piece to suit your interior? Don't have time and prefer pre-assembled furniture? Just let me know how I can help and I will try my best!

As I get some failed delivery items I'm left with piles of cardboard boxes and bags of wrapping and packing materials. I am so happy to share these with local businesses or public (ideal for fragile parcels or if moving). Some items arrive badly damaged or incomplete. Recently I started to offer these for free for upcycling and DIY projects and was so surprised with my customers creativity and skills. You made wardrobes, tables, working space, used mdf board to transform your van into campervan!

I always try my very best to deliver what I promised. Same day collection or delivery- yes its available but please check availability before you buy. Saving your money- I always try to keep the prices as low as possible and hope you can treat yourself or save for your dream holiday.

I am here for you
You might think I only sell furniture. But for someone it might be their dream come true to have first home. First time divorced husband makes decision on furniture. Mum trying to sort her life out and looking not only for storage unit. Family downsizing and looking for space saving smart design furniture. Whatever is your situation I am always happy to listen and give my advice on choosing furniture. This is why viewing appointments works for me and my customers.


I trust my brand values express my personal believes and reflects what matters to you- sustainability, value, honesty, community, reliability, and a genuine commitment to serving your needs.

See you soon!
Love, Simona xx

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