New Start Season

New Start Season

Oh, the 31st of August! Really? I always feel a tad emotional on this day - in Lithuania, it's officially the last day of summer. And what a summer it was! I hope you had an amazing time, and your summer was filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Now, the 1st of September is just around the corner, and I think it's time to prepare for what's to come.

September often brings with it a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts. While it might not be the official start of the calendar year, it is special for many as a time for new opportunities, goal-setting, new ventures, both in business and on a personal life.

Are you considering starting a new business? Starting studies? Or maybe returning with fresh goals for this season?

Surrounding yourself with an inspiring workspace is crucial. The importance of a tidy, fresh, and organised workspace has been shout out not only by interior designers but also by psychologists. Your favourite colour or style of desk, reflecting your personality, can significantly improve your mood and inspiration.

I have a variety of desks and chairs available.

Message me to book your viewing appointment.

See you all very soon!
Love, Simona xx 



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